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Taichi Panda Heroes Hack Cheats Gold Coins Diamonds

As you may or may not know, Taichi Panda was a previous game and the new Taichi Panda Heroes is a sequel. The game focuses on battle, fight your way through hordes of goblins and ghouls. Learn new skills with your heroes and earn Gold Coins and Diamonds, well, earning said resources takes more than ¬†you would expect. Not everyone has the time for that, that’s why we just created a Taichi Panda Heroes Hack, for your personal use, you can transfer as many Diamonds and Gold Coins as you want towards your account!


Instructions :

1) Start by downloading the Taichi Panda Heroes Hack using the download button above the instructions.

2) Once you’ve downloaded the hack, run it and chose how many Gold Coins and Diamonds you want.

3) The generation process takes one minute at most, so be patient.

4) After finishing generating your resources, restart Taichi Panda Heroes on your device and the resources will be available.

Taichi Panda Heroes hack

Taichi Panda Heroes is a fast paced action adventure game, your purpose is to take on hordes of goblins, ghouls, mutants and mages, preventing them from taking over civilization. Being able to switch your character is a great feature, each character can be upgraded with new skills and fight moves to help defeat your enemies. The game will take you back to the original Taichi World from the first installment of the game.

Features :

  • Auto Updater.
  • Anti Ban.
  • Generate Gold Coins and Diamonds.
  • Root and Jailbreak are not required.
  • Simple and clean interface.

Our latest Taichi Panda Heroes Hack was just released. It allows you to generate unlimited amounts of Diamonds and Coins, awesome right? Now you don’t need to run around and do dumb things to get a couple of gold coins, with just a few clicks you can have as many gold coins as you want. You are your own boss, so you make the rules. Of course what would this hack be without an Anti Ban option. We try to make sure you are safe while using our tools. That’s why we implemented said feature. Using our latest custom scripts, the Taichi Panda Heroes Hack has an automatic proxy switcher which helps you stay anonymous while using it. Enough chit chat for now, let’s get to work! The download button is way above!


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